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  • The Learning Community - A public charter school

    The Learning Community
    A public charter school

  • You can help us
    … help them propose legislation.

  • You can help us
    … help him lead his peers.

  • You can help us
    … help her find her voice.

  • You can help us
    … help her solve problems.

Our Mission

We believe that literacy empowers each individual to have a voice, assume community responsibility and take social action. We grow teacher leaders, student leaders and community leaders.

Our Commitment

Today's unprecedented challenges have made us come together as an even more powerful learning community. Help us do what is right, not what is easy.

Our priorities have shifted to respond to COVID19. This year our greatest, immediate needs are to develop an Excellent Distance Learning Program and Support Our Families as they face the extraordinary challenges brought on by the pandemic. We are responding to student and family needs, developing highly individualized learning plans, and providing strong social emotional support. And, beyond providing access to vital technology, our team also distributes books that students self-select, along with enrichment packs filled with thoughtful supplies to support with long periods of home learning.

The Learning Community has always been dedicated to social justice, inclusion and diversity, and multiculturalism. At this critical moment in history, we are called to move beyond this commitment. We are working to become an anti-racist institution that confronts social injustice and oppression, and embraces truth telling and equity We celebrate and uplift the experiences, excellence, joy, success, leadership, and resilience of all black, brown and indigenous people. We are doing all we can to become an organization that celebrates our differences and teaches the value of differing points of view and experiences for the community and one’s own life.

Our Demographics

  • 84% qualify for free or reduced-price lunch
  • 37% are English Language Learners
  • 96% are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color
  • 79% Latino
  • 15% Black
  • 1% Two or more races
  • 1% Asian/Pacific Islander
  • 1% White

Our results are extraordinary

The Learning Community serves 582 K-8 students from Central Falls, Pawtucket and Providence. Our students have dramatically outperformed their peers, despite a poverty rate nearly twice the state average. More Results.

Family Engagement

At the Learning Community we are committed to build strong relationships with every family. We see families as the greatest strengths in their children’s lives. The Learning Community was in the 99th percentile nationally for reducing barriers to family engagement (SurveyWorks 2017). In the most recent 2020 SurveyWorks report, 95% of our families reported attending at least one event or meeting at the school in the past year, and 72% reported attending at least three events or meetings.

Financial Management

The national Nonprofit Finance Fund gave The Learning Community it highest rating on an evaluation of financial systems and position in 2008. We continue to be known for our fiscal responsibility.


6% of students who entered the lottery for admission to the school were accepted in March 2011. The Learning Community’s waiting list is over 700 students. In 2009 over 250 teachers applied for 4 open positions.

Our Extended Impact

The Learning Community is achieving remarkable results, but one school is not enough. There is growing evidence that the single most important factor in improving student achievement is effective teaching. The Learning Community has a strategy to reach 500 teachers and 13,000 students in the next 5 years through targeted professional development designed to increase student performance. Although we have suspended operating our Teaching Studio during the pandemic, you can read about our work and past partnerships.

Featured Video

Take a peek inside our classrooms to see a snapshot of our approach to English Language Learners.