The Learning Community Central Falls, RI  02863


Mentoring & Partnerships

The Learning Community leverages relationships with key partners and leaders in the public and private sectors to provide our Middle Grade students with invaluable career awareness and mentoring opportunities. Our students engage in the following programs:

  • Career Month events and celebrations
  • Panel Discussions with leaders in high demand 21st century careers
  • Social Action Projects, creating dialogue with local community, political and corporate leaders to affect change in their community
  • Policy Discussions with Rhode Island’s political leaders
  • Visiting the RI State House, courtrooms, corporate headquarters, and more with the opportunity to meet people in positions of power
  • Taking trips to area high schools and colleges with the opportunity to have lunch with students and faculty

These experiences lend our students the opportunity to have their voices heard, while learning more about what it takes to become the local, national and global leaders our world so desperately needs. Our mentors help our young leaders grow their network as they pursue their academic, career and life goals.

Likewise, our Exploratorium afterschool and summer program is an integrated suite of STEAM and social action programming. Through dozens of partnerships with the City of Central Falls, business and political leaders and community organizations, our students are introduced to resources and programming that prepare them for 21st century careers and engaged citizens.