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Due to COVID-19 pandemic, data on student performance for the 2019-2020 school year is unavailable. In the coming year, we expect to see learning gaps as a result of the pandemic. Despite this, the quality of teaching remains strong, responsive and individualized to every student during Distance Learning. The Learning Community has a long, successful track record, and we are committed to closing all learning gaps once it is safe to resume in-person learning.

At The Learning Community, we believe that literacy empowers each individual to have a voice, assume community responsibility, and take social action. We grow teacher leaders, student leaders, and community leaders. Through our innovative teaching practices and the depths of our partnerships with parents, families, and the community, our students dispel the notion that poverty is a barrier to achievement and success.

While we are proud of our students for gaining the skill and confidence to take tests, we have worked hard to carve out space for the Learning Community as a place that has value for children and families far beyond a test-score.

Our Results

On the 2019 state-administered RICAS test, Learning Community students exceeded the state average proficiency rate in both ELA and math, and our elementary grades neared the performance level of Massachusetts and the Rhode Island suburbs. Schoolwide, our Hispanic students, black students, low-income students, and English language learners reached proficiency in both ELA and math at higher rates than their demographic peers in both Massachusetts overall and the Rhode Island suburbs.

In addition to regularly outperforming Rhode Island’s urban districts as a whole, our 4th grade students had the top science NECAP proficiency rate among all 45 urban elementary schools! (Central Falls, Pawtucket, Providence and Woonsocket public and charter schools)

Our 4th grade students also had a higher science NECAP proficiency rate than 40 of 54 urban ring elementary schools. (Cranston, East Providence, Johnston, Newport, North Providence, Warwick, West Warwick)

District % Proficient 4th Grade Science NECAP, Spring 2017

  • Learning Community 51%
  • Central Falls 14%
  • Pawtucket 26%
  • Providence 16%
  • Woonsocket 19%

RICAS 2019 Math Demographic Subgroups Graph

RICAS 2019 Math All Students Graph

RICAS 2019 Math All Students Graph 2