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The Teaching Studio


The Learning Community is committed to actively impacting public education. We believe in public education as a fundamental human right and the key to a healthy democracy. All children deserve the highest quality education.

We also believe in the talented educators and the existing resources in the traditional public schools. We use the freedom we have to find real, replicable solutions to large scale system problems that impact traditional public schools.


Educators at the Learning Community work with our district colleagues, sharing units, lesson plans, opening their classrooms, and providing real time coaching and feedback through our Teaching Studio professional development arm. We work with Superintendents, union leaders, principals, specialists and teachers, to help remove obstacles to great teaching, and to show measurable impact on student achievement.

We also actively share our work with higher education and community partners in the areas of family and community engagement and supporting immigrant community members.

We contribute to state policy and legislation in areas of education, finance, immigration, and any issue or policy that impacts our students, families and educators.


We have worked deeply with five RI school districts and hundreds of educators reaching thousands of students annually beyond our walls.

Our Most Recent District Partnership: Woonsocket and Smithfield

Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Fall 2015 Spring 2016 Fall 2016 Spring 2017 Difference
Globe Park 36% 39% 34% 49% 53% 53% 53% 56% +20%
Gov. Pothier 12% 14% 23% 37% 35% 42% 44% 43% +31%
Leo Savoie 45% 53% 48% 53% 47% 54% 58% 65% +20%
Harris 37% 41% 40% 46% 50% 52% 48% 53% +16%
Old County Road 51% 64% 64% 67% 63% 69% 65% 62% +11%
All Schools 34% 40% 39% 48% 48% 52% 53% 56% +22%

Reading proficiency rates in partner schools over the years of the Initiative.

Our Central Falls District Partnership

In two years of work with grades K-2 in Central Falls Public Schools, student achievement in reading increased by 54%. This growth occurred while Central Falls was in the national spotlight for terminating teachers, further evidence that we are effective under the most challenging circumstances. “Given the mistrust of charter schools by public schoolteachers, creating this collaboration was no small feat … the Central Falls experiment not only needs to be preserved, it should be replicated across the country. I haven’t seen anything that makes more sense.” (The Central Falls Success, New York Times Op-ed, Joe Nocera, January 3, 2012)