The Learning Community Central Falls, RI  02863


Who We Are

Our Team

The Learning Community takes its name seriously. We work as an open school community that benefits from the voices and talents of students, families, teachers, staff, community partners, board members, donors and many others.

Kindergarten Team

Janelle Conroy

Kindergarten Teacher

Barbara de Jesus

Teaching Partner

Gabriela Ortiz

Teaching Partner

Abigayli Pedroza

Teaching Partner

Laurie Sena

Kindergarten Teacher

First Grade Team

Jim Chanonhouse

First Grade Teacher

Lynn Lotierzo

First Grade Teacher

Alicia Shaw

First Grade Teacher

Second Grade Team

Meghan Recupero

Second Grade Teacher

Nika Salazar

Second Grade Teacher

Third Grade Team

Melanie Cote

Third Grade Teacher

Marie Provenzano

Third Grade Teacher

Julie Veloz

Third Grade Teacher

Fourth Grade Team

Cassie Jendzejec

Fourth Grade Teacher

Stephanie Meuse

Fourth Grade Teacher

Leni Prystowsky

Fourth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade Team

Hayley Greene

Fifth Grade Teacher

Maggie Masse

Fifth Grade Teacher

Kristen Munns

Fifth Grade Teacher

Middle Grades Team

Meagan Amylon

Eighth Grade Science Teacher

Emilie Audette

Seventh Grade Special Education Teacher

Alexa Del Piano

Middle School Art Teacher

David Falk

Seventh Grade Math Teacher

Lauren Galbuena

Eighth Grade Special Education Teacher

Em Gamber

Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies Teacher

Sari Guttin

Seventh Grade Science Teacher

Joe Hinton

Eighth Grade English Language Arts Teacher

Angela Kemp

Director of Special Education

Dori Logiodice

Sixth Grade Math Teacher

Alisha Miranda

Eighth Grade Math Teacher

Erin O’Neil

Sixth Grade Special Education Teacher

Domenique Rossi

Sixth Grade Science Teacher

Claudia Sousa

Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher

Emily Spikell Sullivan

Sixth Grade English Language Arts Teacher

Amy Sullo Warning

Seventh Grade English Language Arts Teacher

Content Specialist Team

Joanne Fulton

Science Teacher Grades 2-4

Tayla Lambert

Science Teacher Grades K 1 & 5

Michael Lewis

Music Teacher

Dana Pomerantz

Art Teacher Grades K-5

Katherine Reardon

Middle Grades Physical Education Teacher

Ella Rodriguez

K-5 Physical Education Teacher

Reading & Math Specialist Team

Amy Danahy

Reading Specialist

Kate Gasper

Elementary Academic Specialist

Kim Lee

Math Interventionist

Maureen Nosal

Reading Specialist

Graham O’Halloran

Teaching Studio Coordinator & Mathematics Coach

Kassidy Williams

Reading Teacher

Casey Woodward

Multilingual Learner Coordinator

Social Emotional Support Team

Porfirio Baez

Behavior Specialist

Kelly Baraf

Social Worker

Maria Eguia-Brusco

School Psychologist

Michelle Grimaldi

Director of Social & Emotional Learning

Zwannah Lee

1:1 Aide

Cheryl Luciano

Case Manager

Lenny Martinez

Behavior Specialist

Erica Mitchell

Social Worker

Javanne Morrobel

Behavior Specialist

Jomarie Rodriguez

1:1 Aide

Bryant Sanchez

1:1 Aide

Leticia Santana

School Nurse

Naomi Zapata

1:1 Aide

Classroom Support Team

Jess Artigliere

Guest Teacher

Chantel Baptista

Guest Teacher

Steve Clements

Guest Teacher

Haley DelGreco

Guest Teacher

Ana Rodriguez

Guest Teacher

Tara Sweeney

Guest Teacher

Instructional Coach Team

Gianna Cassetta

Instructional Coach & Middle Grades Team Coordinator

Amy Keeley

Instructional Coach

Mary Lebitz

Instructional and Curriculum Coach

After School Team

Rosy DeBrito

After-School Director

Maribel Morales

After-School Program Coordinator

Administrative Team

Kathy Army

Finance Assistant

Nicole Bathalon-McAree

AmeriCorps Program Director

Alin Bennett

Director of School Culture & Engagement

Miguel Calderon

Maintenance Assistant

Derek Collamati

Director of Development

Lindsay Correia

Director of Transition Support & Alumni Relations

Maria Duque

Administrative Manager

Mindy Farrow

Administrative Manager

Carol Ferris

Administrative Manager

Jeremy Giller

Director of Data & Information Systems

Wendy Interiano-Laredo

Finance Assistant & AmeriCorps Program Coordinator

Luisa Jeetan

Administrative Assistant

Sarah Kern

Associate Director of Development

Steven LaBounty-McNair

Director of Teaching & Learning

Melissa Lanni

Administrative Assistant

Guillermo Lopez

IT/Systems Administrator

Elizabeth Merchán

Administrative Assistant

Meg O’Leary

Head of School

Ed Reis

Maintenance Assistant

Ana Soares

Director of Operations

Tory Soutiere

Director of Finance

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors includes representatives from the business, non-profit and education communities as well as representatives of our team and parents.

Board Members

Patrick Collins

Vice President, H.V. Collins Company

Deborah Drew

Director, Philanthropic Development, National Grid Foundation

Odessa Duncan

Parent, The Learning Community

Mary-Beth Fafard

Education Consultant

Grace Farmer (Secretary/Treasurer)

Retired Finance Director, Providence After School Alliance

Marc Greenfield (President)

Owner, Lynch & Greenfield, LLP

Sari Guttin

Teacher, The Learning Community

Meg O'Leary

Head of School, The Learning Community

Ella Rodriguez

Teacher, The Learning Community

Marvin Ronning

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Rhode Island Free Clinic

Hillary Salmons

Executive Director, Providence After School Alliance

Miriam Weizenbaum

Chief of the Civil Division, Rhode Island Office of the Attorney General